Amaal Presentation

Due to popular request we have uploaded the presentation slides for Duas.

These slides contains Arabic Texts, English Tranlsation and Urdu Translations


Muharram Slides



Dhulhijjah Slides

Aamaal-e-Arafah (Night)


 Ramadan Slides


Aamaal for 19th Ramadan

Aamaal for 21st Ramadan 

Aamaal for 23rd Ramadan

Dua Iftitah

Dua Mujeer

Dua Jawshan e Kabeer

Surah Rum

Surah Ankaboot

Surah Dukhaan


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Disclaimer: We may or may not have contributed to the above presentation slides. We present to you these for free distribution. Please recite sure Surah Fatiaha for the marhumeen of volunteers who have worked on these presentation slides.